Bitcoin payment・shooting/ABS-CBN News

A salon salon that can be settled with bitcoin


It is Miyazawa Hirobumi of Aoyama general consolation salon ~ purarra ~.

※ This shop is registered as a shop where you can make a bitcoin settlement in June 2016.

Japan's first bit coin settlement registered shop in a salon salon


Shooting date March 3, 2018

This time it is shooting under the theme “Bincoin can be used”.

ABS-CBN News program by Philippines

〇 Journalist ⇒ Cathy Yang

○ Staff

○ Photographer

Three people came.



★ Preparation → 60 minutes course ★

The staff accepted the treatment. It was a fun time while three people were talking.

★ Shooting scenery





★ Pay with bitcoin ★

60 minutes course ⇒7800 yen

I received payment with bit coin at that rate.


★ Extraordinary acclaim for staff

I was pleased that “my neck, legs, whole body is light”.


★I asked about the purpose of this shooting

〇 Penetration of virtual currency including bitcoins.

〇 It seems that they took two shops of yakiniku store and nail salon.
〇I want to tell the Filipino people that the bitcoin is also used in Japan as a news program. I want to tell you that it is getting permeated in my daily life

〇 Scheduled for early May in airing


Ms. Cathy Yang was a charming and gentle person who had a beautiful smile and a nice, awesome glowing aura. Staff and photographer were all gentle and fun shooting sites. Thanks for a great time. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Staff, Thank you for interpreting for me. Thank you for your hard work. I appreciate it (^ ^)


It is regrettable that I can not speak English. (Laugh) I will become able to talk.





★Cathy Yang

Market edge anchor with The Boss. Won the Asian TV Award three times. Fine wine otaku